Alexis Casso

Keeping up with Alexis!

  • Alexis can now add Pilates Instructor to her list of tricks! 

  • Alexis has been training with Lesly Kahn and the Groundlings since moving to Los Angeles 

  • Alexis has a background in theatre

About Me


Born in Laredo Texas, Alexis always had dreams of starring on the silver screen. Whether playing with her dolls or performing for her friends and family, imagination and make- believe have always been the driving forces in her life. Growing up in Austin,Texas Alexis starred in school plays and sang in recitals. She always knew that acting was her true calling. Nothing fascinates her or makes her happier than creating new projects. Now living in Los Angeles, Alexis is ready to make her dreams a reality! 

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Blair Management- Los Angeles, CA 


DPM Talent Agency- Los Angeles, CA



Acclaim Talent- Austin, TX


Alexis Casso

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